A better look, a better life

Girls, we all know where that fast food burger will go once you’ve eaten it. Or how about that new concealer that just went on the market? Those pimples aren’t going to cover themselves you know, its better to spend some of that christmas bonus if it means a better look, which obviously means a better, and more fulfilling life…right?

Wrong. What can once start as looking good for your boyfriend, can turn into liposuctions, botox injections, eating disorders, and much, much more. America has grown into a country that not only condones, but depends on beauty. If it weren’t for the countless demands on cosmetic products and plastic surgery, companies and corporations would have nowhere to turn to for their big fat checks. It’s basic economy, give them the demand, and they’ll give you the supply. And man, do us girls demand. In fact, in 2011, American’s spent over a stunning 33.3 billion dollars on cosmetic products, already up 6 percent than the year before. So if any of you ladies are in a money crunch, next time look to your Dior and L’Oreal receipts.

But it’s not just money that America’s obsession over beauty  negatively effects most women today, but also the tragic consequences of undergoing massive surgery, as well as the heartbreaking stories of women involved in eating disorders. So many girls die every year trying to have the “perfect body”. So who’s fault is it? Why does looking good matter so much that women are putting there lives on the line willingly just to feel accepted? Well, it certainly doesn’t help that everywhere you go, there’s images of perfect models with perfect bodies and perfect hair and everything’s well….perfect. Girls today are helplessly surrounded by these influences and turn to there low self-esteem, to take matters in there own hands, no matter the cost.

So is there hope in all of this? sadly, such numbers in girls lives being ruined by beauty obsession is going up, not down. People all over the country are trying there best to help, with things like therapy, hospitals, and eating disorder camps. But no matter how much others can try to help, the only person that can stop the insecurities from ruining your life is…well…you.

you have the power to use your mind over matter. To recognize that every girl is enough, and beautiful in there own way. Perfection is silly, a waste of time, and can never be attained. So next time you look in the mirror, know that you define what beauty means and looks like, and that image of beauty can be exactly what you are.


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